Many years ago, in 1992, “Eilat” was organized to become an Israeli dance group for children upon the request of several parents. The group was established by Shulamit Leinvand. At that point nobody thought of stage performances, solo-concerts, participation in international festivals – all were overwhelmed by the desire to be together, to get closer to Israel, to be connected to the world of Israeli music and dance.

In these years “Eilat” grew up together with the dancers; new costumes, original dances, concerts and admirers have been appearing little by little.

Today the dancers are between 20 to 35 years old. Repertoire of the group represents the whole range of the Israeli dance – from the dances of our forefathers from Eastern Europe (klezmer music) to the dances of modern Israel – oriental, Yemenite, debkas and also the dances of other countries where Jews have their history and cultural layer. “Eilat” is a nominee of several festivals including the international festival of Jewish arts dedicated to 50 Independence anniversary of Israel which took place in Moscow.

During the years of its existence “Eilat” traveled with concerts to several neighboring countries. Moreover, in September 2006 “Eilat” has performed two big solo-concerts within the frames of the international festival of Jewish Culture and Arts in Leeds, Great Britain.

Being a group with a relatively long history, “Eilat” survived through many events and changes both positive and also not so optimistic. However, “Eilat” is willing to go on staging and performing, there are many ideas and projects – including dancing sessions for kids and adults, lectures on the history of the Jewish dance, and seminars and sessions both for Jewish and non-Jewish people of Latvia.

It is also important to mention that “Eilat” always welcomes to its family young people (girls and boys) that are willing to dance Israeli dances.

Certainly, the strongest source of inspiration is spectators – always so generous with applauses and compliments. “Eilat” is regarded to be special with its original costumes, high level of performance, and very sincere emotions that inspire each of “Eilat” performances. As to the dancers, they do not consider “Eilat” to be merely a hobby, but an island of warmth and friendship, something they gently call “our second family”.

Elena Gorelik, Art Director and choreographer of dance group “EILAT”

Contacts: e-mail elenagorelik@yahoo.com, tel.+371-29190719